June 11, 2011

Childrens Can’t Continue Their Study

Posted by Retya Elsivia at 10:19 PM

Writer              : Retya Elsivia
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            Education is very expensive in Indonesia nowadays. Government’s program to open free education still not effective to increase quality of education in this country. The article “Nasib Anak Putus Sekolah” (Media Indonesia, 5 May 2010) by Muhammad Rajab explained that many of Indonesian children were terminated to school because they didn’t have much money. All of Indonesian children must learn for 9 years in the school. The author hopes government can help them to decrease quantity of them. I also feel like that because many of Indonesian children can’t continue their study.
            In this article, based on constitution Number 20 about National Education System, all of Indonesian people earn proper education. Not only for the rich, but also for the poor. I think this law is very good to be prosperous the life of Indonesian people, but in fact, government still can’t make proper education for all. Education still not good in Indonesia. We can see from lack of facilities are given by the government and uninteresting way of learning in the school. It makes students feel uncomfortable. Education will be success in a state, if there is something to support students to learn. I see here that government make the law that different with the reality.   
The author said the students were terminated to school because the low of economic condition. Economic condition of parents is one of big factor that influence this problem. Because the parents must pay other costs in the school. Altough government has given education grants to school such as Bantuan Operasional Sekolah (BOS), but its not enough to parents buy book or another thing for their children. This condition make the parents terminate their children to school and then the parents sent them to work. I’m all for it if economic condition of parents is influential to life of children.
“Here is need serious efforts from government to decrease quantity of childrens can’t continue their study”. I’m agree with this opinion. I think for the solutions, government can do free education from elementary school until senior high school with the high facilities. Government also can do impose high cost of education for the rich and cheap cost of education for the poor if government can’t give free education for us. Because of that, the rich can help the poor. Beside that, government must create regulation prohibiting childrens age 15 years down to work. And the other solutions is school should make interesting way of learning, so the students can feel enjoy in the school and comeback to school.
The author and I not only want to see many of Indonesian children can’t continue their study and all of us obliged to help relieve the burden of childrens can’t continue their study. I think without any effort from us, this problem can’t be finished but have even more increased than before. Now, we try to start loving children that less fortunate.

                                                                                                            Padang, 03 Juni 2010      


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