June 11, 2011

Vocoid and Nonvocoid : PHONOLOGY

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How are nonvocoid and vocoids segmented ?
Nonvocoid segmented :
·         Alveopalatal ( point of articulation) : With point of articulation near the toothridge and front part of hard palate
·         Affricative ( place of articulation ) : A two segment sequence which consists of a stop followed by a fricative
·         Voiced ( manner of articulation ) : a voice sound
Vocoid segmented :
            The sound have obstacles (partial or total) in nasal sound (a sound during which air escapes out the nose but not the mouth) or oral  sound (a sound during which air escapes from the mouth).

Please explain the difference of nonvocoids production and vocoid one.
Nonvocoid production :
·         Articulation : The point that touch by articulator (tongue)
·         Articulator : The moveable part of the vocal organs which impedes or directs the air stream.
·         Vocal cords : The folds of membrane which project into the larynx and which by vibrating cause voice.
Example : /p/, /t/, /k/, /b/, /d/, /g/ (nongradual)
Vocoid production :
·         Shape of the mouth (unrounded or rounded)
·         Position of tongue (front/high, central/mid, or back/low)
Example : gradual /i/ until /y/
What do you mean by Broad and Narrow Transcription ?
Broad transcription ( Phonemic Transcription ) is an orthography, for a particular language, which is approximately phonemic and doesn’t indicate minute nonsignificant variations of sound.
Narrow transcription ( Phonetic Transcription) is the indicate minute nonsignificant variations of soundand its much more detailed than phonemic transcription.
Example : “pail
Phonetic Transcription            [phel]                           Narrow Transcription
Phonemic Transcription          [pel]                             Broad Transcription

What do know of nonsyllabic vocoid ? Explain !
Nonsyllabic vocoid is a central resonant  oral which is no the promine part a syllable.
Nonsyllabic vocoid produced by an air stream other than that escaping from the lungs can be represented by the symbols.
The nonsyllabic vocoids may be represented by the same symbols as the syllabic ones, except
·         That is frequently is convenient to raise them above the line
·         That nonsyllabic [i], [u] and [r] may optionally be written as “y”, “w”, and “r” respectively.
·         Voiceless nonsyllabic vocoids of various timbres may optionally be written “h” until the phonemic analysis demonstrates whether they should be classed as vowel or consonants, but they may optionally be written with large or capital vocoid letters


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