June 11, 2011

The Wedding Story by Julianne Homokay

Posted by Retya Elsivia at 10:51 PM

Topic               : Lie Story
Thesis              : A children’s storyteller shows that  behind the book lies a whole other story

·         Introduction :
They are 3 characters in The Wedding Story drama by Julianne Homokay. It is The Storyteller, Bride and Groom. When the storyteller said Good Night for her children because she just finished reading a story to an audience of children, but the kids ask for another story. The storyteller begins the lovely, heartfale tale of a gorgeous bride and handsome groom. The storyteller told story of the wedding as a beautiful ceremony in Vermont. Here, Storyteller told a lie story because she want give all the best thing for her children.    

·         Content          :
This drama describes about the contradicts story between the Storyteller’s story and the real life of the Bride and Groom. Storyteller want to shows the good side of wedding story. She don’t want if the students will negative thinking about meaning of the wedding. Storyteller want the students just positive thinking because as we know children is impressionable person. We can see in this drama when storyteller said if the Bride and Groom met in the high school, actually they are met in a bar. We can take lesson here because if storyteller told the real story, so that the students will think if we can found someone in a bar. Storyteller is a person that give many fairytale in  front of children. The purpose is to give lesson for the students what the good way can their choose. Unfortunately, the storyteller told the wedding story more bad than before.
            In the other side, the couple of the wedding (Bride and Groom) don’t want a lie in this story  because storyteller made a lie story in front of students. The couple want storyteller told the real story based on fact in their life. If we give a story to children, actually the children will remember it forever. And if we give the lie story for their, the students will believe something that can’t find in the world. We can see this drama when storyteller said there are have a flight from Vermont to Hawai. Actually, there is no flights from Vermont to Hawai because we can fly through Logan or Lax or by Both. The Bride know it because she majored in Geography. So, she interrupts when storyteller said like that.      

·         Conclusion     :
“The Wedding Story” drama describes about the storyteller gave a lie story to her students. Actually if storyteller want to shows the wedding story, she can choose a couple that their wedding story have a good past. Storyteller can invite other couple of the wedding that have the real wedding story based on their experience without a lies story. But, I think if we will tell a story to children, we can choose the story more give many lesson at the end. Such as Cinderella story, We can see what a risk that will get if we be good people or bad people.       


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