June 11, 2011

Posted by Retya Elsivia at 4:26 AM
Well, this is life...

June, 7th 2011. @office (Jln. Situjuh Padang)

I decided myself to apply second round because i have a dream to become Relationship Manager and take part in External Relation Department..

Its really nice to me if i could get learning in this department..

I LOVE ER for sure..

Unfortunately, i'm not elected as Relationship Manager, and Marketing still open third round eventhough there are 3 candidates there.

I'm down, really2 DOWN. i really so have expectation to become that's Relation manager.

i cried, i'm not sure i couldn't continue my experience in @.

but, lets by gone be by gone..

Everyone support me to achieve the last opportunity become Marketing Manager that still align with ER and they make sure if Marketing more challenging life to me.

But, i couldn't make decision soon because its not easy to wake up and open my eyes to other..

 but, i still remember here

Semua orang pernah gagal dalam hidupnya, namun yang namanya gagal adalah bukan jatuhnya, tapi bagaimana kita bisa bangkit dari jatuh itu..

Terkadang kita terlalu lama menyesali pintu pertama yang telah tertutup sehingga kita tidak bisa melihat pintu yang lainnnya yang masih terbuka untuk kita..

That's POINT.. i don't want being someone that loss opportunity and some day i'm regret why i'm not apply there.

Orang yang tepat untuk posisi yang tepat.. 

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