November 03, 2013

Happy Graduation, everyone :)

Posted by Retya Elsivia at 6:44 AM
Ehem, i'm so really sorry for this late post

September, 7th 2013 is my graduation day. In that day, i'm using the black suit and toga which i really want to use since i'm became student of university. Finally, i deserved it, I officially graduated from Andalas University in July, 15th 2013. The most beautiful date ever. ahahhahha.I need 3 years and 11 months to completed my bachelor degree. 

And of course, i'm with new title in my last name. 


This is my picture in my gradday. This is MINE, need to be mature, rite? hahahha

 I''m with my Dean of Faculty of Humanity, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

This is what i called HEAVEN :) My guardian angel, my hero, my spirit and mood booster, thankyou God in this beautiful day, we still become HAPPY FAMILY, thankyou very much Mom and Dad for ur everlasting pray for me, and congratulations because u completed ur children with Bachelor title :) my simple family but we always have happy time to be together. I really love you Mama, Papa, Bang Angga n Kak Inda. I don't know how this world be run if i'm lossing one of them. Wish Allah always give time to us to run this life together until the end. 

Also Thankyou so much for coming to Padang Om Ad, Om Ndi, Tan Vivi, Ifa and Nenek. Thankyou once more time for my beloved uncle plus photografer in that day. Today is AWESOME. 

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