May 01, 2015


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Many people think that writing is a very difficult thing to do so they often read some books without rewriting what has been read previously. Actually people never realize that there are many benefits of writing from something what they have read. Article entitled The Craft of Research, Chapter One: Thinking in Print (Booth et al., 2008) explains about one of benefit when people try to write it up is to help them to understand. What this means is that writing is to see the larger pattern in what people have read (Booth et al., 2008). Through writing people can find the broader things than what they have read because writing encourages them to find some information, stimulates their own ideas, and shares with others through the discussion and feedback.  Therefore in writing, people get more than just the basic concept to be able to understand from what they have read.
Writing allows the ability to thoroughly organize the basic concept of the material and to see the connections between concepts to each other. It is sometimes difficult to reach the goal and people may think they are “not enough” from what they have read so they need to find further information on a related topic to their writing. Through reading from other sources, people will gain knowledge and it is important to get the better understanding about the topic. A famous quote from the great author, Stephen King, that say “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write, simple as that” (Hanski, 2014). So basically reading and writing have close relationship because writing need adequate knowledge to give the new ideas in writing.
Writing helps people to elaborate the concept of what they have read by using their own thoughts so that they come up with the new idea. People will continuously develop the idea in their minds and need to write it up in their writing. As MacArthur et al. (2007) points out that writing is a powerful tool for getting thing done and a language skill to convey knowledge and information. In this case, it is meant to convey the idea that people need to correlates between the concept and previous knowledge or experiences from themselves.  
People write not only for themselves but also for others. Wardhana, cited in Pujiono (2011) states that writing is a skill in expressing an idea in people’s mind into a paper that can be read and easily understood by others. The point here is people will let others know his/her writing from what they have been read. In other side, the reader may give suggestion about the idea presented by the writer. These suggestions will become an input to the writer to get a new insight about their understanding or writing. In another hand, the reader may support or develop these ideas to make it better by adding some their own ideas. On the whole writing helps others to give the feedback about it.
It will be a lot of advantages when people not only read about something but also they try to write it up. At least people will get three benefits in writing from what they have read and they would see the larger thing behind the concept. Writing is the good activity for people and it this should be used as a habit. People must take a time to write because writing is the one of the process of learning.  
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